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If You’re A Pet Owner And Intends To Sell Your Home Then This Is What You Must Know

If You’re A Pet Owner And Intends To Sell Your Home Then This Is What You Must Know

If You’re A Pet Owner And Intends To Sell Your Home Then This Is What You Must Know

We know you are a pet lover, but if you’re selling your home then  you have eventually heard that the moment buyers enter your home, they smell urine or see dog furs stick on the carpet or urine spreading everywhere, you have lost a buyer.

What you can do to maintain your home good image is discussed as follows:

Go Through The Home

New Jersey: Judy Morgan, a veterinarian with a holistic Clayton Veterinary Associates, admits that she is crazy about pets and own 4 cats and 10 dogs.  She recently sold her home and luckily move another place with her pets.

She advises all home sellers that “let someone walk through your home to look for anything that a buyer might notice such as marks on floors or walls, kitty litters, poor door locks, peeling laminate, etc. It is important because, when you live with these things, you fail to notice these small or sometimes big problems. So, let others do this for you.”

She further said: “Before our home selling process started, we made little repairs first which can lose  home’s attraction, cleaned our basement, painted walls all around.”

Just Do Cleaning

This is what sellers have to do, but they don’t want to hear the word ‘clean’ everytime. The use of air fresheners and keeping windows open would help the smell to go out, says Alexandra Axsen, the founder of Lake Okanagan Realty Ltd, British Columbia.

“Feel at home” author Tori Toth, also a news contributor, has two cats, two dogs, and birds suggested on pet cleaning equipments you may wish to get to resolve cleaning issues.

  • The Litter Box
  • Air Fresheners
  • Daily Vacuum
  • Pets Brush

Lot Of Showing Season

When your home showing season starts, it’s better to keep your pets in friends or family’s house. This is much better than the barking of your dog when buyers visit your home because they can’t relax,  says Axsen. But keeping your cats locked in the room can sometimes work.

Communicate with your realtor

Informing estate agents about your pets can work in your favor. The more they are aware of the pros, better it will be for a homeowner.

Axsen recalls “Once at the end of the gorgeous home showing, a few years ago, the owner’s dog was desperately waiting and begging to come inside the house. The agent lets the pet inside, locked up the dog and left. After a week, when the  owner came back they saw their house absolutely destroyed-more than $100,000 damage.”

Axsen further added, “ I guess some of the loss was covered by homeowners insurance. I am not sure whether a realtor compensated for the loss or not, but he is a nice guy and was damn upset about the incident.”